About us

About us

Abaxon biologics are focused on the development of cost-effective biosimilar and novel biopharmaceutical therapies of the highest quality. Working with our partner companies, we offer the highest standard of biosimilar and novel therapeutic monoclonal antibody cell line production and antibody manufacturing that meets the most stringent of international regulatory standards. Located in the West of Scotland, United Kingdom, we are perfectly placed for close interaction with some of the industry-leading antibody analytic and manufacturing companies to optimise the efficacy and pharmacology of our biosimilars.

We believe in applying developments in biotechnology and process technology to reduce the costs and time required for producing monoclonal antibodies and other biopharmaceutical therapies. The combination of technical knowledge and industry and clinical experience we have developed here at Abaxon enables us to produce elite biosimilar and novel therapy cell lines and antibody at a low cost which in turn increases access to crucial drugs for patients in low-resource settings and emerging markets.

With bespoke tailoring of our production methods, our products are suitable for any desired market, whether in emerging markers with limited resources or in highly-developed markets with rigorous regulatory standards.

Our Strategy


We are currently developing a number of biosimilar monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapeutics. Our experience in mAb development and antibody analytics allows us to produce high quality biosimilar molecules with the highest level of comparability to the originator molecules. Focusing on biosimilar production allows entry into the biopharmaceutical market with products of known efficacy but without many of the investment risks and high costs associated with the development of novel therapies. The crucial and most challenging aspect of this approach is in closely replicating the originator molecule. Our unique team and skill set are expertly placed to do this.


Novel therapeutics

We are currently considering a number of novel therapeutic mAbs aiming to be either best-in-class or first-in-class across a range of autoimmune and oncological conditions. Although associated with higher development costs, and higher risks, novel therapeutic molecules have a tremendous potential for very high investment returns and can transform clinical and therapeutic practice.

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